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Published by: Dave Johnson on 09-Sep-21
What Kinds of Info Products Can You Make?

3 Three Types Of Informational Products

There are three types of informational products. There are written materials (E-Books), audio tapes or CDs, and video products (DVDs or available on the Internet).

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Informational products cover a wide range of themes, just like the individuals who buy them. Any day, informational items are marketed on every subject you can think of, and probably a lot of subjects you’d prefer not to think about.

People pay money for information. Every industrialized society on the planet values information as a valuable commodity.

Topics fall into generic categories no matter what vehicle you use to convey your educational product (E-Book, audio, or video), and the vehicle you use must be the best one for presenting your content to your audience.

How-To Products

The how-to product is one type of informational product that is arguably the most popular. There are individuals out there that want to learn how to do anything, so if you know how to do something, share it.

People are interested in learning how to do anything from making birdhouses to scuba diving to starting their own internet business, and they are prepared to pay for information on how to do it.

If the subject being taught needs learning an activity (sports, dancing, or playing a musical instrument, for example), then a video is the superior option.

On the Internet, inspirational or motivating information goods are popular. People like products with success stories and case studies because they give them hope…and hope is in high demand everywhere.

The demand for products that provide up-to-date information on chronic conditions is always high.

Every day, people are diagnosed with diseases about which they know nothing, and they want to learn everything they can about it and hear how others have dealt with it.

Choose a topic that will assist people in solving an issue or improving their lives in some way, and you will have a successful informational product with a ready market.

In a Zap, churning out on-demand info products

The truth is that you won’t make a dollar on an informational product until it is sold, no matter how long it takes you to generate it.